Mattress Topper Twin, Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Twin Size Bed, 3 Inch

Product Features

  • 3 inch memory foam mattress topper adds comfort and softness to your old mattress.
  • Light and breathable open cell memory foam conforms to the curves of your body, aligns the spine, and relieves pressure points.
  • Memory foam is infused with a plush gel material that captures heat to control temperature.
  • Certipur-us certified means this high-quality memory foam is made with no harmful chemicals and meets all safety standards.
  • Available in 2 and 3 inches profile options. Twin size mattress topper measures 74 " x 37.5" and comes with a 5-year U.S. warranty.
Price: $59.99
(as of 04/23/2021 01:14 UTC - Details)

Product Description

A restful sleep is one of the best medicine for a healthy lifestyle.
Your uncomfortable mattress should not keep you awake at night while solutions are right here!!
It is time to invest in a mattress topper. Owning a mattress topper could be the easiest way to get luxury slumber.
Cheap and saves your replacement costs
The cost of replacing the whole mattress for a brand new one could be extremely high.
But a mattress topper can be the cheapest solution which will help improve your night sleep.
Brings new life to your mattress
Mattresses tend to flatten out or lose its comfort quotient over time. If nothing is done, you may even forget the comfortable nights you used to enjoy on it. Investing in a mattress topper will fully restore the comfort of your old mattress.
It sleeps cool
Hundreds of evenly distributed ventilation holes allow for better airflow through the mattress topper while the gel material traps and transport body heat to the exterior edge of the topper creating a comfortable and cool sleep surface.
Our mattress toppers are packed into a box after being compressed by the machine, so when you take it out from the box please put it in a ventilated place´╝îmake it to recovery normal shape.

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