Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper Review

Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper Review

Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper is a soft and comfortable mattress topper designed to add extra cushion and comfort to your current mattress. Additionally, it helps regulate temperature in summers and winters – making it suitable for many different sleepers.

This mattress is constructed with CertiPUR-US(r) certified foam and designed with tiny pores to help regulate body heat during the night. Available in three sizes, it comes with a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty.

Product Description

Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper, 3-inch, Queen,Gray
  • Comfy Topper helps prevent overheating with Airscape 2 perforations for breathability, contains two foam layers 3” thick to cradle you in comfort and help you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night
  • The Comfy Mattress Topper combines a plush and responsive top later with cradling and supportive memory foam.
  • A top layer of AirScape perforated foam keeps air circulating to help you sleep cool all night long.
  • Comfy Mattress Topper is 3 inches in height. All you have to do is unwrap, then nap.

If you’re searching for a topper that can make your current mattress feel like new, the Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper is an ideal option. Its ventilated AirScape polyfoam top layer offers softness and responsiveness while its base foam provides stability and gentle contouring.

It’s ideal for side and light back sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, though it also works well on most other body types.

This three-inch memory foam mattress topper offers a combination of plush and supportive layers to relieve pressure points, especially those in the shoulders and hips. Additionally, it effectively muffles movement – ideal for couples who share a bed who may wake each other during the night.

Main Features of Casper Sleep Comfy

Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper is made with high-quality materials such as recycled polyester, cotton and CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam. Plus, its cover is machine washable – making it easier to maintain and keep clean.

This mattress topper features ventilated AirScape polyfoam at the top, which encourages airflow near your sleeping surface and dissipates heat. The memory foam beneath is soft for gentle contouring and pressure relief for your body.

The topper is designed with tiny pores that channel body heat away from its layers. Furthermore, its graphite-infused latex core enhances buoyancy and temperature regulation.


If you’re searching for a mattress topper that softens your existing mattress and adds extra support, the Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper is an excellent option. Crafted with high-quality materials and CertiPUR-US certified foam, it also comes with a machine-washable cover.

Nontoxic and hypoallergenic, there’s no need to worry about chemicals getting into your sleeping space. Plus, its cooling gel memory foam layer should help dissipate body heat for a more restful night’s sleep.

It also features a zoned support layer that reduces pressure points on your shoulders and hips, relieving back pain. Furthermore, this product may be ideal for couples who frequently toss and turn during the night.


For additional pressure relief and comfort, the Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper is an excellent option. This topper has a medium-soft feel that makes it ideal for side sleepers or couples who want to minimize motion transfer.

Foam also helps alleviate body stress by relieving pressure points that cause back pain. Its perforations allow air to circulate, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

Unfortunately, it may be too soft for stomach sleepers or individuals of larger build.

The Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Toppers also emit odor when first opened. Some people may find this odor unpleasant. However, the smell does go away after about 48 hours.


Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper is a three-inch thick foam that transforms your bed from firm to medium soft. It combines two layers of memory foam and an adaptable latex layer for great body contouring and support for side sleepers and lighter back sleepers alike.

Additionally, this pillow provides good spinal alignment and can help relieve back or shoulder pain from pressure points.

Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper, 3-inch, Queen,Gray Casper Sleep Comfy Mattress Topper, 3-inch, Queen,Gray  Buy on Amazon

The topper is perforated and temperature regulating, making it an ideal feature for hot sleepers. The cover is removable and machine washable for convenience, made with high quality materials like recycled polyester and cotton as well as CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam that’s hypoallergenic without ozone depleting chemicals or phthalates. It has also been independently verified to meet European safety standards.

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