What Are The Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper?

The benefits of using a mattress topper
When you need to change the feel of your mattress or just want some extra support and pressure relief, a mattress topper could be the answer. There are many benefits of using a mattress topper. Not only do they improve the feel of your bed, but they can also help extend the life of your current mattress.

A lot of toppers are sold in different thicknesses – usually one, two, three or four inches thick. The thickness and density affect how the topper feels and provides support for your body.

Using a mattress topper – Support

A mattress topper provides a cushiony layer of support that can be useful for people who suffer from back pain. It may also be beneficial for those with sagging or worn-out mattresses.

There are many different types of toppers on the market, and they can be made from materials like foam, latex, wool, feathers, or gel memory foam.

For those who suffer from back pain, the best mattress toppers are those that provide pressure point relief and help keep your spine aligned properly. A softer topper is typically more effective for side sleepers, while a firmer option is usually recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

The cooling gel memory foam mattress topper from ViscoSoft is a great option for those who prefer a soft, cushiony surface. This 3-inch and 4-inch topper includes a single layer of memory foam that responds slowly to compression.

Using a mattress topper – comfort

A mattress topper is a thicker layer of material that’s designed to sit directly on top of your existing bed. They’re usually anchored in place with thick straps that go over and under your mattress.

Some toppers provide added softness, support or dedicated cooling gels to dissipate body heat while you sleep. They can also help to improve circulation and reduce pressure points, such as on your back, shoulders and hips. These are important benefits of using a mattress topper.

Another great option is a breathable wool topper. These are comparable to featherbeds and offer an allergen-free sleep surface with increased temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties for year-round comfort.

This topper is made with a multi-layer design using premium natural materials. It features a soft-touch, quilted cover made from organic cotton and a breathable wool layer to provide extra padding for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Mattress toppers are a great way to extend the life of your mattress by reducing pressure on springs and delaying sagging or wear. They also add a layer of cushioning for added comfort and support.

Durability of a mattress topper depends on several factors, including materials, craftsmanship and the environment in which it is used. Most high-quality mattress toppers will last between 3-5 years.

Adding an extra layer of foam can help to regulate body temperature, which is especially helpful for hot sleepers. Memory foam is a popular choice because it’s durable, comfortable and offers a firmer feel than other sleep surface options.

Wool is another excellent material for a mattress topper. It’s non-allergenic, dust-mite resistant, and a great temperature regulator.


Mattresses are a big investment, but warranties can provide peace of mind. Warranties come with detailed terms that guarantee you won’t be on the hook for exorbitant repair or replacement costs if your product is defective.

Warranty coverage varies, but most of them last between one and three years. It’s a good idea to review your mattress’s warranty before you make the purchase.

In general, warranties cover structural defects with the mattress. They don’t cover issues caused by your own use, such as sagging or a change in softness over time.

You can file a claim under a mattress warranty by submitting pictures and a written description via certified mail with a return receipt. You can also email the manufacturer directly.

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