ELEMUSE Queen Size Extra Thick Fusion Goose Down Feather Filled Mattress Topper

ELEMUSE Queen Size Extra Thick Fusion Goose Down Feather Filled Mattress Topper is the ideal choice for those seeking a soft and luxurious mattress topper. Crafted with down alternative clusters, it has been certified by the Responsible Down Standard to guarantee that geese were treated humanely throughout production.

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Size: Queen

The ELEMUSE Queen Size Extra Thick Fusion Goose Down Feather Filled Mattress Topper is perfect for anyone who appreciates softness and plushness. This topper boasts a double layer space filling design, baffle box construction and elastic deep pocket for convenient installation.

This topper is filled with fusion goose down and 100% selected feather. The down has been mixed with ADVANSA special cocoon fiber, which offers better moisture vapour transport performance and reduces heat build-up, providing optimal insulation for sleepers.

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This topper’s baffle-box stitching helps distribute the fill evenly and prevent it from shifting. Additionally, it features a thick elastic strap for securement of the fill.

Material: 100% Goose Down

Goose Down is an insulator, helping to regulate temperature and provide comfortable sleep. Its lightness, durability, and breathability make it perfect for bed linens and sleeping bags alike.

Goose down can be sourced from geese, ducks or chickens depending on its breed and climate. For maximum quality assurance when purchasing geese down products, ensure you check the breed and climate prior to purchase.

Hungarian goose down is considered the finest because it’s produced by geese raised in Hungary – a country renowned for its long and cold winters. These geese have been bred to survive in these harsh conditions, producing high-quality feathers that provide them with warmth during these long months of darkness.

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100% goose down products offer higher fill power and loft quality than products using a combination of goose and duck down, due to geese being larger birds than ducks, meaning their clusters of feathers are bigger and have greater fill power.

Color: Natural White

ELEMUSE Queen Size Extra Thick Fusion Goose Down Feather Filled Mattress Topper is a comfortable, breathable and supportive bed topper that can help relieve body aches. Crafted with high-quality 400TC cotton fabric and filled with premium fusion goose down and 100% feather content, it provides exceptional support to help ease body discomfort.

It meets international standards such as IDFB (International Down and Feather Bureau), Oeko-Tex, DOWNPASS, RDS(Responsible Down Standard) to guarantee quality and safety for customers.

This 550 fill power topper is composed of two chambers: a top chamber that provides soft cushioning to cushion your spine; and a bottom chamber offering more support for your body. Together, these layers help balance plushness with stability, preventing the topper from sinking too far down.

A sewn-through baffle box helps distribute the fill evenly, keeping it from shifting or clumping when you move around at night. Furthermore, this mattress topper has an elastic deep pocket to ensure proper fitting on any mattress.

Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly

This mattress topper is hypoallergenic and made with non-live plucking feathers – better for both humans and the environment. Plus, it’s safe to sleep on as it contains no hazardous chemicals, dust mites or other allergens that could disrupt your sleep pattern.

Baffle Box Construction is used to prevent feathers from shifting or clumping up when placed over a mattress. Each pocket of the bottom layer is securely sewn shut and filled with equal amounts of feather, preventing migration between sections or clogging in one spot.

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This down alternative topper is perfect for sleepers who require a soft, breathable mattress topper that can adjust according to their body’s changing needs. It features an all-cotton cover which helps distribute the fill of down-alternative material to provide cool sleeping surfaces, and it comes in various sizes to meet different needs.

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