How to Use a Mattress Topper Properly

A mattress topper can offer added comfort and support while you sleep. However, in other to enjoy its full benefits, it is essential to know how to Use a mattress topper properly.

How to Use a Mattress Topper

Toppers are designed to enhance the feel of your mattress by adding extra padding, helping reduce pressure points and making you more comfortable. However, sometimes they may not stay in place properly, leading to restless nights filled with frustration and disappointment.

Safety Pins

Safety pins are a reliable, cost-effective way to secure bedding, including mattress toppers. Not only are they time-saving, but they won’t shred your mattress or topper either.

If you can’t use adhesive Velcro strips or tape, this method of securing your mattress topper is a good alternative. It’s simple enough that anyone can do it – simply insert multiple pins to ensure the topper stays put. These are a fast and straightforward solution, but you may need at least five large pins on each side of the mattress for maximum hold.

One way to use a safety pin is to attach it to the bottom side of your mattress topper and bed, providing extra support and stability. For added safety, place a non-skid mat underneath both items; this helps prevent them from sliding around while you sleep, providing better quality rest at night.

Duct Tape

If your mattress keeps shifting when you wake up in the morning, duct tape could be just what the doctor ordered. Duct tape has incredible strength and is perfect for holding bed mattresses or topper together securely.

Duct tape makes applying your mattress topper easy: simply wrap it around at the corners and along each side to hold it securely in place. Be sure to apply tape evenly around each edge for even coverage, and voila! Your mattress topper is secure!

Non-skid mat

You could also try using a non-skid mat to help keep your mattress topper in place. These mats are typically found in wet areas like the shower or kitchen and feature rubber material which creates friction between your bed and topper.

Carpet Tape

For a more durable solution, carpet tape can be used to secure your mattress topper in place. This dual-sided tape prevents carpets from slipping on the floor and has stronger holding power than regular duct tape; you can apply it along the sides and edges of both your mattress and topper for extra security.

You may also choose single-sided rug tape. This tape is comparable in strength to double-sided tape and relatively inexpensive. Just be sure that the rug tape you select is compatible with the surface you plan on applying it to.


Velcro, a type of hook-and-loop fastener, can be used to secure two items together. Usually sold in tape form but also available in strips, this adhesive holds items together securely.

Mattress toppers that lack a secure feature can slide around your bed if you move around a lot during the night. Textured or strap systems on these mattresses help keep them in place, however.

Sliding occurs when two smooth surfaces rub together but don’t provide enough friction for them to stick together. It’s a common issue with latex and memory foam toppers, but can be resolved with simple solutions.

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