How to Make an RV Queen Bed More Comfortable

How to Make an RV Queen Bed More Comfortable
No matter if you are driving a motorhome or staying in a travel trailer, having an adequate mattress is key. Unfortunately, stock RV mattresses tend to be uncomfortable and lack support. In this post, we will take a look at how to make an RV queen bed more comfortable.

Making your RV queen bed more comfortable is easy with a foam mattress pad or topper. These are simple to install and provide an additional layer of cushiony foam on top of the surface of your mattress.

Specially designed mattress

One of the best solutions to this issue is investing in a mattress designed specifically for RVs. This investment will make your RV more comfortable to sleep in and ensure you get a good night’s rest every night.

For campers, the Dynasty Mattress is the best RV mattress to choose. This gel-infused memory foam provides both soft and supportive surfaces while its layer of ‘sleep cool’ technology helps you stay cool while sleeping even on hot days.

Make the Bed

If you’ve ever slept in an RV, then you know how uncomfortable it can be to sleep on a mattress that lies flat against plywood. Not only is it hard to rest, but also traps heat and makes your body sweat.

Foam pads or mattress toppers can make all the difference when it comes to improving your comfort level. Not only are they cost-effective and easy to install, but they can also significantly enhance the quality of your sleep.

These pads and toppers can be purchased from camping supply stores or RV mattress websites. Just be sure to get the right size.

It’s essential to select high quality sheets and pillow. Choose something made of breathable material like cotton or bamboo which will regulate your temperature and wick away moisture. Sheets with a higher thread count will offer you better sleep at night.

Add a Mattress Pad

If you want to protect your mattress from spills or just add some softness, adding a mattress pad is an effective solution. These thin pads attach to fitted sheets and come in various materials such as cotton, wool, feather, latex, and memory foam.

At a lower cost than toppers, they won’t alter your mattress as much as a topper would, but they still provide plenty of protection and comfort.

Mattress pads can also help prevent bed bugs and dust mites, which can be a major nuisance for those with allergies or asthma. Some types are even machine-washable for added convenience.

Add a Feather Bed Topper

RVers looking for extra softness and comfort during sleep should consider investing in a feather bed topper. These toppers often provide up to three inches of cushioning material such as memory foam or latex, enabling you to transform your standard RV mattress into something newer, cozier.

When shopping for a mattress topper, the thickness is key; generally speaking, sizes range from two to four inches thick.

Some toppers come equipped with an internal support system, making them stay put like a second fitted sheet. This feature helps prevent the topper from shifting off the mattress.

Quince’s Luxe Downtop Featherbed Mattress Topper is made of premium white down that feels soft and cosy without sinking too deeply. It has a three-inch gusset to prevent deep sinkage, plus chambered construction to maintain the shape.

Add an Air Mattress

If your RV has enough floor space for an air mattress, this can be a great way to increase comfort and space in your sleeping area. They’re easy to set up and deflate, taking up minimal storage during the day.

They’re also reasonably priced and easy to transport between campsites. Unfortunately, these tents can leak, so if you don’t want to end up needing to purchase a new one in just a few months, look into getting one with a warranty.

Queen-sized air mattresses should fit nicely in most RVs, provided you purchase one that matches the floor space available. Some models come with built-in pumps which make inflating and deflating quick and effortless; however, if camping without access to electricity, an electric pump will be necessary.

If you’re searching for a more comfortable alternative than an air mattress, consider purchasing a foam bed topper from a specialty retailer. These typically consist of a cotton pillow-top cover filled with hypoallergenic synthetic fibre that replicates goose down, layered over two inches of memory foam for extra support and comfort.

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